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Buying a production home is easy. The steps are simple and take little effort on your part. Find a new community and builder you like. Check out and pick one of the models. Sign the contract. Wait for it to be built. Move in.

Building a custom home is much more involved. It’s a major undertaking demanding a lot of your time, effort, and, of course, money.

Completion of a true custom home requires significant advanced planning and active involvement on your part. It consists of a number of major steps or actions that demand your participation and decisions – from finding your dream location to defining, designing and building your dream home. Only one of which (tracking the actual construction of your home) is required when buying a production home.

With a custom home nothing is pre-planned, pre-selected or pre-designed. Because of this, taking a custom home from concept to completion takes significantly more time.


Step One: Ideas and brainstorming

Step Two:  We get your feedback and ask you a lot of questions!

Step Three: bring your ideas into drawings

Step Four: we give you a quote based on your requirements

Step Five: build! Once everything is approved, we start digging.

Step Six: Possession – finally you get to move into your dream home


If you are interested to rebuild on your existing property or thinking of buying an older home to tear it down and then rebuild, EnStyle Homes are the perfect choice to start this process and build the home of your dreams


Enstyle also have a renovation division, from small to big projects we do it all. We focus on every detail in your home and pay attention to your requirements. We specialize in home renovation, legal suites, garage suites and more,  contact us today for a quote!