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Canadian Mortgage Renewal Concerns Rise: Survey

enStyle Homes by enStyle Homes on February 29, 2024
Canadian Mortgage Renewal Concerns Rise: Survey

Canadian Mortgage Holders Face Renewal Worries as Survey Shows Rising Concerns A recent survey by has revealed growing anxiety among Canadian homeowners with mortgages.

The data highlights a significant portion, 67%, expressing concerns about affording their mortgage payments upon renewal due to rising interest rates.

The survey further emphasizes the current challenges homeowners face, with 69% reporting their existing mortgages have become more difficult to manage over the past two years.

These findings paint a picture of a population grappling with a tougher financial environment.

Adapting to a Changing Landscape:
The survey delves deeper, exploring how Canadians are adjusting to these changing conditions. The data reveals several key strategies employed by homeowners:

Refinancing: Nearly 29% are considering refinancing their mortgages to potentially secure a lower interest rate, potentially offering some relief.

Downsizing: A significant portion, 24%, are exploring the possibility of downsizing their homes, likely aiming to reduce their financial burden.

Budget Tightening: 54% of respondents are actively tightening their budgets in other areas to compensate for the higher mortgage payments.

Seeking Alternative Lenders: 17% are considering approaching alternative lenders to explore options and potentially find more favourable terms.

A Cause for Concern?:
While the Bank of Canada survey suggests 80% of mortgage holders remain confident about managing higher payments,’s findings highlight a significant undercurrent of concern.

The survey underscores the impact of rising interest rates on household finances and the diverse strategies Canadians are employing to navigate this challenging landscape.

It is important to note that this survey represents a specific sample and may not reflect the entire population of Canadian mortgage holders.

However, the findings offer valuable insights into the current sentiment and raise awareness of the challenges faced by many Canadians as they manage their mortgages in a changing economic climate.

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