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Canada Housing Crunch: 1.3M Homes Needed

enStyle Homes by enStyle Homes on May 6, 2024
Canada Housing Crunch: 1.3M Homes Needed

Canada’s housing market faces a pressing challenge, according to a recent report by the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO).

The report estimates a shortfall of 1.3 million homes by 2030 to meet the current housing demand.

This substantial gap is pushing policymakers to prioritize increased housing construction.

Understanding the Housing Gap

Canada needs to build 1.3M additional homes by 2030 to close housing gap, says PBO.

The PBO report defines the housing gap as the difference between available housing units and the number needed for a balanced market.

This imbalance is reflected in Canada’s vacancy rate, which sits below historical averages.

The report highlights the need to increase construction to restore a healthy vacancy rate and meet the demands of a growing population.

Building for the Future

To bridge this gap, the PBO estimates Canada needs to build an additional 181,000 homes annually until 2030.

This translates to a significant increase from the current average construction rate.

The report emphasizes the urgency of addressing this issue to ensure sufficient housing for Canadians.

Impact on Affordability

While the PBO report focuses on closing the housing gap, achieving affordability is another crucial aspect.

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) estimates a higher target of 3.5 million new homes by 2030 to restore affordability to historical levels.

Addressing the Challenge

The federal government has recently implemented initiatives aimed at bolstering housing supply.

These efforts, along with potential adjustments due to the cap on temporary residents, will be crucial in determining if Canada can meet its housing targets.

How EnStyle Homes Can Help Canadian Home Needs

EnStyle Homes, a Canadian luxury homebuilder based in Edmonton, Alberta, recognizes the importance of addressing the housing market’s needs.

While large-scale construction efforts are crucial, companies like EnStyle Homes play a vital role in providing high-quality housing options.

EnStyle Homes focuses on efficient living spaces, sustainable building practices, specific architectural styles.

Their commitment to customer service, attention to detail ensures a positive experience for Canadian home buyers seeking their dream home.


Canada’s housing market requires a substantial increase in construction to meet growing demand.

The PBO report serves as a wake-up call for policymakers and stakeholders to address the housing gap and ensure a sustainable housing market for Canadians.

Companies like EnStyle Homes contribute to this effort by providing high-quality housing options that cater to specific needs within the market.


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